Concrete Restoration

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The effects of chloride penetration, rusting of reinforcing steel, and delamination of concrete can be insidious and what appears to be a small rust spot showing on the surface of the concrete can actually represent severely rusted steel embedded within. To properly assess the degree of deterioration, a trained specialist needs to inspect all concrete surfaces carefully and some destructive testing may even be necessary to fully assess the degree of damage.

Proper repair involves removing all delaminated and spalling concrete to expose the rusting reinforcing steel. The steel is then cleaned or replaced and then coated with material that retards further oxidation. A bonding agent is then applied to the old concrete surface and a cementitous repair material is troweled or poured to re-establish the original concrete configuration.

Once the concrete has been restored or replaced, a waterproofing system should be applied to prevent further water penetration. Replacing worn, ineffective sealants of any surrounding joints should not be overlooked. A waterproofing system must be a continuous envelope to be completely effective.

Concrete structural and waterproofing repair firms must be knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled. Improper repair will not impede further deterioration. The staff of Coastline Engineering & Construction, Inc. have the knowledge and skills required. We are among a very few construction firms that have an engineer available that can design a waterproofing system tailored to your needs. We are trained & approved Master Builders, applicators of Sika, Tamms and several other repair system manufacturers.

Concrete Restoration services offered are:

  • Cracked Decks, Walls, Structural Supports- Concrete, Steel, Wood
  • Handrail Repairs and stanchion ancorage
  • Spalled Concrete, Corroding Reinforcing Steel
  • Settling Foundations
  • Repair of all Structural Members: Columns, Beams, Slabs, Footings
  • Repair of Stucco & EIFS Systems