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Living on the Florida Coast provides the best in luxury ocean-front living, but it also poses a problem for owners due to the harsh hot climate and salt sea spray. Buildings must be protected against the effects of our climate to prevent deterioration and costly repairs.

The two main offenders to concrete are wind-driven rain and salt (chloride) penetration. Wind-driven rain bombards walls and openings forcing water through the smallest opening. Sea air and spray contain chlorides that can invade concrete along with the moisture and will eventually corrode reinforcing steel. Rusting steel expands as it oxidizes causes the concrete to crack and delaminate. Spalling of the concrete occurs as the natural forces of gravity or traffic loads loosen the delaminated concrete. As deterioration progresses, spalling concrete poses a dangerous and costly repair situation and deterioration worsens at an exponential rate, making repair costs soar at an astonishing rate.

The first step in maintaining beautiful, functional facilities is the prevention of water and chloride penetration. The Design of Coastal buildings should include control joints properly spaced and in sufficient numbers to control cracking of the concrete, as well as a good waterproofing system (continuous waterproofing envelope and joint sealants). When properly designed and installed a good waterproofing system can cut maintenance and repair costs drastically in the first 10 years.

Waterproofing in our harsh climate is an on-going problem for owners of all types of structures in Florida. We at Coastline Engineering & Construction, Inc. have the answer for your waterproofing problems. We can also repair any structural deterioration caused by water intrusion. Waterproofing Systems custom designed for your home or business will save you time and money and enhance the beauty of your property.

Waterproofing services offered are:

  • Stucco Waterproofing & Wall Coating Systems (Elastomeric & Clear Sealers)
  • Balcony Deck Coatings
  • Wall & Deck Crack Repair
  • Sealants at Doors, Windows & Wall Penetrations
  • Below Grade Waterproofing
  • Analysis of Architectural Design and Joint & System Prescriptions